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About Us

Founded in 2005, TUBEFIT has grown from its humble beginnings to a leading ergonomics solution provider in Singapore and South East Asia. Each product line represents a value-engineered system with emphasis on cost minimization. We strive to provide innovative and simplified solutions. Our services include ergonomics engineering, workstations design, Installation and Post sale 24/7 service.

TUBEFIT's ability to offer various technology products places us in a position to select the correct technology to fit each project. Potential customers can expect an unbiased products selection based on specific requirements, efficiency needs and process parameters.  The solution will include a turnkey system that seamlessly integrate into the specific application requirements, providing customers with single source responsibility.


To enhance the value of our company by using the strengths of our Employees, Suppliers, Partners and Integrated operations to provide our customers with systems and services that are high in quality and competitive in price.


Customers are the most important part of our business. They are not dependant on us; we are dependant on them. They are not an interruption in our work; they are the purpose of it. They are not outsiders in our business; they are part of it. We are not doing them a favour by serving them; they are doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.



  • To be the natural choice of our customers by delivering the highest levels of value, quality and service; coupled with timely and honest communications. 
  • To provide a challenging, fun and growth oriented environment which encourages our employees to be highly productive whilst growing both personally and professionally.
  • To outperform our competitors through continuous improvement in our Products & Services, Quality and Speed to market.
  • To generate sustainable, profitable growth to enable continued investment in our company and fair returns for our shareholders


Respect | Responsibility | Integrity

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